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Updates & More

A new feature!

This post will be like an updates center where I'll let you know which videos I'm working on and which I plan to sub in the future.

I do NOT take requests so please don't ask.
Also, make sure you read the notice at the bottom before posting a comment in this post!

For up-to-date notifications about upcoming/posted videos, check the comm's Twitter

~ List Updated: 06/15
*The order they're listed in is not necessarily the order I'll post them in

Done Videos That Need To Be Uploaded
Dalmatian - E.R.
Exo M - Mama
Teen Top - To You

Videos In The Process Of Being Subbed
f(x) - Electric Shock
Jiro Wang - Pretend We Never Loved
Heo Young Saeng - Crying
Shinhwa - On The Road {Perf}
SNSD - Paparazzi

Videos I'll Be Subbing In The Future
B1A4 - Beautiful Target (Japanese Ver)
C-Real - Sorry But I
Cross Gene - La Di Da Di
F.Cuz - No.1
Namie Amuro - Yeah Oh
She'z - My Way
Shinhwa - How Do I Say {MV + Perf}
Spyair - Japanication

Videos That Will Be Re-Subbed in HQ/HD Soon
B1A4 - Baby I'm Sorry
Shinhwa - Venus

Videos I Will NOT Be Subbing
Scrolll to the bottom of the comments to see my reason why. I apologize ahead of time if you happen to love these songs/videos but I do this out of my own free time so it doesn't make sense to waste it on something I don't even like.

***I will no longer be listing which videos I'm NOT subbing. If it's not on one of the lists above within a few day of its release, then you can safely assume that I'm not subbing it. For an explanation behind this change, check out this post

Read this BEFORE commenting!
Do NOT click "Post a new comment". You are only allowed to "reply" to one of the threads already created by me. Otherwise, I will delete your comment. Please, please, please follow this format because I hate deleting people's comments!

This may seem a little confusing at first but I promise it's much more organized than if everyone was commenting to the post itself. Once this post lets older/larger, this format will allow me (and you) to find what you're looking for more easily.
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