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Frequently Asked Questions

I often get asked the same questions over and over again so I decided to create a "frequently asked questions" page so I can direct people to it when they ask something that's on here. I'm not discouraging questions! I just wanted a quicker solution to the questions people ask often.

I highly recommend EVERYONE read this. Please. It would save me a lot of time!

Plus I added totally random gifs to make it more fun to read :D


First, I want to clear up something that gets confused a lot. This is not a subbing TEAM. There isn't a group of people working together on these videos. It's just me. One person. Doing everything except the translations. I hope that helps you understand why I can't sub every video that is released and why things get slow sometimes. But I do want to give A WHOLE LOT of credit to the translators whose translations I use because without them I would have nothing to time, encode, sub or upload. I love you all and bow down to you for your hardwork! ♥ ♥ ♥

1) What program do you use to sub?
DivXLand's Media Subtitler to time the subs and VirtualDubMod to encode them onto the video

2) Can you teach me how to sub?
There's already an awesome tutorial by muish (a well known and far more experienced fansubber) here:

3) What program do you use to convert videos to mp4 format?
I have a Mac so I use VisualHub. I've heard Magic Video Converter is good for PCs but I can't confirm that.
Also, in VisualHub, make sure you check the "320 pixels wide" option so the file size will be smaller but the video will still look good on your screen.

4) Can you upload the MP4 version of _____ video?
If it's not in the post itself, check the MP4 Masterlist. If it's not there either, then let me know and I'll upload it for you.

5) Where can I get the unsubbed video?
Look at the credits at the bottom of the post. I always list where I downloaded the raw video from.

6) The video won't play in Windows Media Player / Media Player Classic / etc
First make sure the whole video downloaded. MF & MU sometime cut off videos in the middle and give you incomplete files. Next, make sure you read this post to see if you're missing the proper codecs to play the files.

7) Can you make your subs a different font/color/size/etc?
No. The whole reason I started subbing is because I disliked all the colors and special effects other subbing groups used. To me, subs are something that should be subtle and clean so they enhance the video, not overshadow it. Now, this is just my personal opinion but since I watch these videos too, I tend to sub to match my own taste.

8) Can you include the lyrics in Hangul (Korean) or Kanji (Japanese) too?
No. As you can see from the explanation above, I like clean subs. If I added Hangul/Kanji lyrics, I would have to add them at the top of the video and that would ruin my whole concept of not overshadowing the video. Plus I really hate it when subs are on the top and the bottom of the videos because it's so hard to read both at the same time and I spend so much time looking up and down that I can't even watch the video. Again, this is just my personal opinion but that's what I like so I'm sticking with it.

9) Can I upload your video on YouTube/Imeem/Crunchyroll/Veoh/etc? I promise to credit you!
Thanks for offering to credit but the answer is still no. If you haven't noticed by now, all the big subbing groups forbid the uploading of their videos to streaming sites. There's a reason why. The more people that are uploading fansubbers' videos to public streaming sites, the greater the liability there is for us and more of a chance of getting in trouble with big companies/labels. Yes, there are still subbing teams who upload videos to youtube but they have to create 3/4 accounts because they're constantly being suspended and having to start over. I don't want to do that so that's why I don't upload on those sites. And if you were smart, you wouldn't either because your account could (and probably will) get suspended too. Frankly, it's really not that hard to create a LJ account and doesn't take any longer than creating a Youtube, Crunchyroll or Veoh account. Plus most people prefer to download videos because streaming sites don't have great quality. So if you really want to share these videos with your friends, just link them to the comm or share the embedded MegaVideo I include.

10) Why do you only sub certain videos? Why didn't you sub ___'s video?
First, please remember that I'm human. I have my own favorites and bias so I like certain groups more than others. However, I do try to be as fair and neutral as possible in this comm. Of course, I will always sub my favorite groups' videos the fastest but overall, I try to have as much variety as possible. Secondly, I don't like every Kpop/Jpop/Cpop video that comes out and I'm not going to waste my time subbing something that I don't like. It's not fair to me or the precious free time that I have these days.

So there it is. Hopefully I didn't offend anyone or come off as a selfish person but I have to draw boundaries somewhere. If I tried to please everyone, I would be miserable and I'd probably stop subbing eventually. If there's something you want to know that I didn't answer, ask away!

Also, if you ever PM me, make sure you have your mail setting on "Registered Users" or else I can't reply to you! To do this, go to "Edit Profile", scroll down to "Contact Info" and change the setting in the box to the right of "LJ User Messaging".
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