Carmen (carmendove) wrote in worldvidz,

Something New...

My paid livejournal account was about to expire but I managed to extend it a few more months. I was able to save enough money to renew it but while I was paying, I suddenly had a thought. Instead of constantly worrying about renewing my membership, maybe I should just invest in a permanent account ($150). That way, even if someday I stop subbing (I know, bad thought!) all the screencaps and entries on this site will stay just the way they are ... forever.

The reason this whole thing is an issue is because I store all the screencaps and images posted here in my LJ Scrapbook. That way I never have to worry about running out of bandwidth and you guys won't have to see ugly photobucket or imageshack placeholders. Also, the paid account gives me a lot of bonus features like creating polls and modifying the layout. Plus, as long as my personal account (carmendove) is a paid account, all of those features are also activated at any comm I run/create.

Long story short, I think a permanent account would be a good investment. Unfortunately, Livejournal only puts them up for sale once a year or once every couple of years. One time it was only open for 24 hours! I'll be putting aside money to save for it, but between tuition, books, fees, etc. I'm not sure if I'll have enough if they suddenly put it on sale.

So I've debated about this for a long time and I hope no one takes it the wrong way, but I've added a button to the sidebar for donations. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don't feel obligated or burdened by this because I know many of you are in the same shoes as me. Even if no one donates anything, I will do my best to keep this site running just the way it already is :)

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